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Kelli Davis

Soul Alignment Coach using Wisdom from The Akashic Records
Director, Vibrant Life Wellness Coworking in Valencia, Spain
Licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner & Specialist in Women’s Period Relief Using
Natural Solutions

Who I Help

Women Who Want Effective Natural Solutions For:
✔ Painful Periods
✔ Irregular Periods
✔ PMS & Moodiness

Men & Women who want to:
✔ Overcome Trauma
✔ Reprogram Limiting Beliefs

Anyone Who Wants To:
✔ Know Who You Are at Soul-Level
✔ Heal Using Information From Past Lives
✔ Be Coached By Your Own Spirit Guides
✔ Live & Create Abundance in Alignment With Your Soul


Methods & Modalities

For Body:
✔ Traditional Chinese Medicine
✔ Functional Medicine
✔ Acupuncture
✔ Chinese Herbs
✔ Nutritional Supplements
✔ Nutrition & Lifestyle Optimization

For Mind:
✔ Hemisphere Synchronization Trauma Relief
✔ Emotional Freedom Technique

For Soul:
✔ Akashic Records Soul Readings
✔ Spirit Guide Channeling
✔ The Soul-Aligned Path Coaching


Training & Credentials

✔ Medical-Board Licensed Acupuncturist & Oriental Medicine Practitioner (United States)
✔ Functional Medicine Practitioner
✔ Certified MindJung Practitioner
✔ Certified Soul Realignment Practitioner

I Work Online & in Valencia, Spain

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