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Welcome to Vibrant Life Integrative Wellness

English-Speaking Natural Wellness Care in Valencia, Spain
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Our Intention Statement

We are driven to create deep, sustainable wellness by providing world-class service & superior, customized natural care based on solid foundations. 

We teach & empower clients toward exceptional self-care welcome them into a synergistic community.

We are results-driven, service– & growth-oriented, and most importantly: totally clientcentered.

Come As A Client, Stay As Our Guest, Become Like Family.

Welcome to Vibrant Life Integrative Wellness!

Superior, Customized Natural Care

Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture mobilizes your body’s natural healing ability while helping you to deeply relax, while Chinese Herbs are unparalleled at their ability to restore and renew at the Root Level.

Functional Wellness

Therapeutic supplements, lifestyle optimization and nutritional counseling to nourish and heal from within.

Mind-Body Balancing

Get to the root of complex mind-body manifestations without lengthy talk therapy or reliving painful traumas. 

Manual Adjustments

Based on Osteopathy, Naprapathy, Chiropractic & Physiotherapy, our unique blend of manual adjustments is gentle and effective for restoring alignment.

Meet Our Team

Kelli N. Davis, L.A.c, M.A.O.M.

Center Director

Medical Board Licensed and National Board Certified Acupuncturist and Oriental Medicine Practitioner
Specialist in Women’s Wellness

Hi there! My name is Kelli Davis.

Originally from Texas, I came to Valencia in 2015 to broaden my horizons. Here I was lucky to find both love & a great quality of life.

I became interested in natural wellness at a very young age, but it was my father’s illness in my early 20’s that inspired me to pursue it as a profession.

I believe we have an innate ability toward balance, wellness and healing, and I found that Chinese Medicine & Functional Wellness gave me not only a very effective way to help people, but also a solid philosophy on life and living well.

I’m passionate about helping people feel their best using natural means and especially love working with women’s imbalances.

My approach is holistic and warm – I develop close, long-term relationships with my clients and dedicate myself to caring for them in all aspects over the long term.

Fernando Tassi Salati

Manual Practitioner

Hello! If this is our first time meeting, my name is Fernando Tassi Salati and I’m a Manual Practitioner from Italy.

I’ve been living in Valencia since 2016 and I previously lived in both Finland and the USA.

Having a sports background led me to want to help people recover from their injuries while also improving overall wellness.

I use a unique blend of techniques based on Chiropractic, Osteopathy & Craniosacral Therapy, while my background is in Physiotherapy. All of these techniques help restore alignment & balance while supporting overall wellbeing.

What I love most about this unique blend of techniques is that they are gentle on the body. While sometimes it´s necessary to “crack” (which is just air escaping, not bones cracking!) I always prefer to use the gentlest techniques possible and want you to feel safe and comfortable in my hands.

I believe that our body has a natural ability to heal itself, and these techniques can be very beneficial in achieving this goal.

Welcome! I hope to meet you very soon!

Shaya Ashourizadeh

Center Assistant

Hi there,
I’m Shaya from beautiful Iran!

I started the journey of life in a family with ups and downs, but we always stayed together and supported each other.

When I was in university, I was able to develop my true character through student activism and practicing a positive mindset. I believe this made me an adaptable person who is dedicated to spreading positivity.

Later, I lived in Turkey, Denmark, and China to live life to its fullest and understand people’s mindsets and views on life. Finally, I landed in Spain when I found “the one” and a great place to settle down.

My hope for you when you come to Vibrant Life Integrative Wellness is to leave you with a positive memory and that you remember us with a smile. Here we have an amazing opportunity for self-development and to add positive value to society.


“Kelli brings everything to the table that you could want from a practitioner – kindness, empathy and attentiveness combined with skill, experience and a thoughtful, balanced approach to healing that is geared towards each individual. Kelli was like a lifeboat in a stormy sea. I am so grateful for her help and highly recommend her to anybody in need of health care.”

- T.W.

“Kelli has made some amazing changes in my whole wellbeing. With a combination of modalities and supplements, she has made a massive impact on my life. I would highly recommend her to help you.”

- N.R.

“Kelli is the first practitioner I have met who made a considerable difference in my life. She listened, asked very specific questions and made connections between my experiences I had never thought of and was never made aware of. Her sweet personality and down to earth approach made me feel at ease and laid the foundation for an intimate and trust-based relationship.”

- O.R.

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