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Welcome to Vibrant Life Integrative Wellness

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Our Intention

We are driven to create deep, sustainable wellness by providing world-class service & superior, customized natural care based on solid foundations. 

We teach & empower clients toward exceptional self-care welcome them into a synergistic community.

We are results-driven, service– & growth-oriented, and most importantly: totally clientcentered.

Come As A Client, Stay As Our Guest, Become Like Family.

Welcome to Vibrant Life Integrative Wellness!

Our Modalities

We balance body and mind with systems-based modalities.

Wellness Consultations

Wellness is a process of learning and practice with the goal of autonomy in self-care. In wellness consults, we review how your sessions and other modalities are going, address any new or stubborn issues, and evaluate lifestyle, nutritional and emotional factors that may be helping or hindering you.

Chinese Herbs & Therapeutic Supplements

Chinese Herbs & Therapeutic Supplements are powerful medicines that rebalance your system, provide ample vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients based on your unique constitution. They are unparalleled in their ability to build reserves and replenish tissues. Unlike western herbology, which gives specific herbs for specific conditions, Chinese herbs are given in a customized formula to optimize results and minimize side effects.


Acupuncture is unique in that it both increases microcirculation, gently releases both physical and emotional blockages, and reattunes the nervous system to be calmer and more resilient to stress. The process itself is highly relaxing – we use top-of-the-line products to ensure a comfortable, painless experience, and our binaural beat music during your session takes the acupuncture to its full potential. It is both a relaxing and energizing experience with cumulative benefits.

Manual Adjustments

These techniques are based on osteopathy, naprapathy and craniosacral therapies. By ensuring proper alignment of bones, muscles, joints and connective tissues, the nervous system is able to flow and regulate properly. The result is not only pain relief, but better functioning of your entire body and mind. The techniques we use are very gentle and as often as possible, we try to avoid abrupt maneuvers.

Mind-Body Balancing

Mind-Body Balancing is a therapeutic technique that we both apply and teach you how to do. It is then something you can use whenever you feel blocked or need to turn something challenging into a strength. The technique itself consists of identifying a problematic situation, naming the disempowering beliefs underlying the difficult emotions, stimulating both hemispheres of the brain via tapping on the skin to disconnect the emotion from the belief, and then installing a more empowering belief so that different actions can be taken the next time the situation arises. It does not require analysis of the details of the situation nor the interpretation of the therapist in order to be effective.

Your Journey to Wellness

Step 1: Meet with us for a Complimentary Discovery Consult

The first step is to meet with our Center Director for a Complimentary Discovery Consult. This is an opportunity to tell us about your situation so that we can determine if you’re a good candidate for our services and explain the process.

Step 2: Go deeper with the Intake

At this longer session, we’ll ask you to fill out a questionnaire and we’ll do a comprehensive evaluation of your current problem, past history and any lifestyle, nutritional or emotional factors that may be contributing to your situation.

Step 3: Your customized Care Plan

After the Intake we’ll have a much better idea of which therapies will be best for you, how long and how often you’ll need to come, and how much it will cost in your case. We’re totally transparent about this so that you can make an informed decision about starting care. Care Plans include a “healing” phase where we work on your presenting problem, a “reinforcement phase” where we address other factors and underlying causes, and a “wellness maintenance & prevention phase” where we keep you happy, healthy & well over the long term. All Care Plans are totally customized based on your unique situation.

Our Promise to You

At Vibrant Life Integrative Wellness, we are passionate about helping you to create deep, lasting wellness on all levels. With combined experience of over 20 years in all kinds of situations, we are confident that we can help you on your journey. We promise to give as much as you do, and to be transparent at all times. 

Your Care Team

We are truly multicultural and understand the challenges and excitement of living in a new country. Let us become part of your home away from home.

Kelli N. Davis, L.A.c, M.A.O.M.

Center Director

Medical Board Licensed Acupuncturist & Oriental Medicine Practitioner
Specialist in Women’s Wellness

Hi there! My name is Kelli Davis and I’m from the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas.

I became interested in physical, mental and emotional wellness as an adolescent when I explored Eastern philosophy, meditation, nutrition and yoga. I found that it took me out of a dualistic, shame-based moralistic structure to an open field of possibility and balance.

But it was my father’s incorporation of complementary therapies with conventional cancer treatments that inspired me to pursue it as a profession. I had the honor of watching him transform and elevate himself through personal development and wellness practices before he passed in 2008.

When I began studying Chinese Medicine, I found that my interest in the philosophy had a solid medical foundation based on thousands of years of history and clinical experience. While the system itself is sublimely elegant, I realized that this isn’t some woo-woo new-age fad; it’s one of the the oldest complete medical systems in the world.

That meditative space of non-judgement and deep listening, of connecting the dots – that’s the space I strive to practice from, because that’s the space where people heal from.

Fernando Tassi Salati

Manual Practitioner

Hello! My name is Fernando Tassi Salati and I’m a Manual Practitioner from Italy.

I’ve been living in Valencia since 2016 and I previously lived in both Finland and the USA.

Having a sports background led me to want to help people recover from their injuries while also improving overall wellness.

I use a unique blend of Osteopathy, Naprapathy and Craniosacral, while my background is in Physiotherapy. Naprapathy is a holistic manual technique that helps restore physical alignment & balance while supporting overall wellbeing.

What I love most about this blend of techniques is that they are gentle on the body. I always prefer to use the gentlest techniques possible and want you to feel safe and comfortable in my hands.

I believe that our body has a natural ability to heal itself, and these techniques can be very beneficial in achieving this goal.

Welcome! I hope to meet you very soon!

Antonio Jorge Garrido


A native Valencian, Toni boasts a wide range of knowledge and experience in acupuncture.

Toni works closely with Kelli to develop acupuncture protocols based on each client’s individual Care Plan.

His calm nature and gentle techniques assure you a comfortable, relaxing experience every time.


Center Assistant

Shaya from Iran is always looking for ways to leave you with a happy memory and ways to improve our operations.

Liliana Napoletano Hernández

Center Assistant

Liliana from Spain, Italy & Switzerland, has a lovely smile and positive attitude that are sure to brighten your day.

Angela Martinez

Center Assistant

Angela from South Africa brings ample experience in business administration and a keen eye for detail.


“Kelli brings everything to the table that you could want from a practitioner – kindness, empathy and attentiveness combined with skill, experience and a thoughtful, balanced approach to healing that is geared towards each individual. Kelli was like a lifeboat in a stormy sea. I am so grateful for her help and highly recommend her to anybody in need of health care.”

- T.W.

“Kelli has made some amazing changes in my whole wellbeing. With a combination of modalities and supplements, she has made a massive impact on my life. I would highly recommend her to help you.”

- N.R.

“Kelli is the first practitioner I have met who made a considerable difference in my life. She listened, asked very specific questions and made connections between my experiences I had never thought of and was never made aware of. Her sweet personality and down to earth approach made me feel at ease and laid the foundation for an intimate and trust-based relationship.”

- O.R.

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