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Highly-Qualified Professionalism and Compassionate Care Are What Sets Us Apart.

“Normal is Not Necessarily Optimal. The Natural State of the Mind and Body is One of Vibrant Ease.”

-Kelli Davis, M.A.O.M., L.Ac.

What Our Practice Offers

Truly Integrative Natural Therapies to Resolve the Root 

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Balance, Prevention and Individual Treatment are the Hallmarks of This Highly Advanced, Complete Medical System.

High-Powered Therapy

Quickly Find and Transform the Root of Mind-Body-Life Blockages.

Functional Medicine

Cutting-Edge Modern Testing and Customized, All-Natural Treatment Plans.


Laser Pain Relief

Low-Level Cold Laser Therapy Offers Quick, Lasting Pain Relief.


Remote Appointments

Our Services Are Available Wherever You Are.


“My passion is making that old-school practitioner/patient relationship of deep listening the norm again.”

-Kelli Davis, M.A.O.M., L.Ac.

Professional Care

Our Practitioner is Licensed by the Texas Medical Board. Systematic Methods and Clear, Results-Oriented Treatment Plans Are Standard.

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Founder & Clinician



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Rated Five Stars

Our Results-Oriented Approach Speaks for Itself

What People Say About Us

Kelli brings everything to the table that you could want from a health care practitioner - kindness, empathy and attentiveness combined with skill, experience and a thoughtful, balanced approach to healing that is geared towards each individual. Kelli was like a lifeboat in a stormy sea. I am so grateful for her help and highly recommend her to anybody in need of health care.

-T.W., Valencia

Kelli is a very caring, empathetic, and knowledgeable acupuncturist. I went to see her because of constant migraines and I was very pleased with the results of her cure. As I started to realize I was on a spiritual awakening journey, she also helped me a lot dealing with other aspects of my healing, using NLP hypnosis. She is also very easy to talk to, which is very important when you have to share certain aspects of your life. I am very grateful for all her help and I highly recommend her.

– A.A., Valencia

Kelli has made some amazing changes in my whole wellbeing. I suffer from fibromyalgia, amongst other things and with a combination of treatment and supplements, she has made a massive impact on my life. I would highly recommend her to help you...

– N.R., Valencia

When I moved to Valencia last year, my body had some challenges adjusting. Kelli was instrumental in helping my body tune in. She is a skilled acupuncturist and very knowledgeable about nutrition. I highly recommend her and Vibrant Life.

– R.I., Valencia

Kelli is the first health practitioner I have met who made a considerable difference in my life. My doctors back home suggested that I have a hysterectomy, take more antidepressants and just cope with the fact I've had gastrointestinal problems for more than a decade. But she listened, asked very specific questions and made connections between my symptoms I have never thought of and was never made aware of. After my first consultation I left with a light and happy heart. The fact that I had found someone who truly cared and knew how to tackle my several problems was such a great relief. Her sweet personality and down to earth approach made me feel at ease and laid the foundation for an intimate and trust-based relationship.

– O.R., Valencia

Kelli is a saint! She is incredible at what she does, and I cannot recommend her enough. She's not only brilliant and so good at what she does, but she takes the time to listen, really listen, and help you discover the roots to your pain/discomfort/ailments. Kelli sat with me and listened intently while I detailed my experiences, and I'm so grateful for her. 15/10. Thank you, Kelli!

– K.P., Valencia

I think Kelli is a rare mix of kindness and professionalism. She gave me and my partner some great advice on an issue we were struggling with and I was later impressed by her work with other people, including a close friend she treated for a while. Kelli's approach has been thorough and extremely knowledgeable and it is easy to see that she genuinely cares about every case. A great listener and a natural in psychology, she knows exactly how far to go with treatment and advice and never promises anything she can't deliver. Kelli is someone you will definitely be in good hands with, whatever the issue!

– R.S., Valencia

I was a patient of Kelli's in Houston, TX where she helped me get through the most challenging time of my life! I saw Kelli for acupuncture once a week during a very physically and emotionally rough pregnancy, and I honestly believe I would not have made it as far as I did without her help! She was quick to notice things that even my specialists missed, she was proactive, she was an utmost professional, and she was also a friend! I felt I received the highest quality care possible, and I cannot say enough good things about her or recommend her enough! Our loss in Texas is a gain for Spain!

– M.H., Houston

Our Practitioner

Kelli Davis

Kelli Davis

Founder, Texas Medical Board Licensed Acupuncturist

Kelli Davis has been studying and practicing Chinese Medicine and Natural Therapies since 2009, with specialized, expert-tutored experience in Women’s Wellness.

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